Getting Traffic to my web site Help please


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Hello I am new to this site, I have my own Greetings Cards web site, selling Dog Greetings Cards, the cartoon cards are all hand drawn, I will be adding a new design soon and adding other products, but can I pick all your brains, after setting up my web site I need to advertise it and get people to come and buy, I have had a few features written about my cards in magazines, and I am on a few forums, does anyone know of any retailers that might be interested in my designs or any dog lovers out their. I need some idea's please for advertising. Any idea's or leads very welcome. It is hard to get started when you are up against the big boys. I am only a Little fish in a big big sea. Thank you in advance!
Have you thought about selling through an already established retail site, such as Etsy? I looked at your current site and the design is very dated and rather off-putting. I'd be sceptical about purchasing through it if I came across it via a link. You need a site that's contemporary and trustworthy to compete with the other names. Also, the way the designs are showcased in the store window is very dull. Get some decent photographs of the actual cards done, or at least mock up the designs onto blank cards so people can see them in context. A flat design doesn't tell you much about the final product.

If you have a way with words you could consider writing greetings card related articles for blogs on the subject and submit them as guest posts. Also, check out craft and print fairs in your area, pop along and speak to people. How do they market their wares? Probably at the fairs, which is where they will be advertising their sites too. Maybe pay for a table next time or split the cost with someone else and try and sell them there.

I'd also consider putting together a press release and sending it out (along with examples) to other magazines or websites related to your product in the hope it will attract the attention of someone. It might end up on a pile somewhere with a load of other submissions, so target sites/outlets specifically and do something to attract their attention.
I'm afraid you are on to a non-starter from the off. Your actual store is in an iframe and that isn't going to help you establish your domain name and brand in the slightest.
I also agree with the comments above. My plan of action would be;

1) Get a decent website (Sorry to sound harsh but it really does look dated as others have said, the navigation isn't very good either. I wouldn't buy from it)
2) Sort the META tags (a decent designer would include this in the design phase)
3) Employ some of the marketing tactics suggested by Paul Murray, it is vital these days to have a website for your business but you can't underestimate the power of direct marketing at fairs, trade shows etc. either.