Getting rid of clipping mask excess to allow me to save as png


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Hey folks,

Ok, I'm in illustrator, I have a jpeg image of jimi hendrix and a vector circle. I can create a clipping mask of the 2 so all i see is the image of jimi hendrix through the window of the circle. When i come to create a png using 'save to web and devices' the bottom of the jpeg (which isn't visible) shows at the bottom and creates a large transparent box at the bottom. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this?

Is there a hide transparent option or something?

Otherwise, save as a photoshop file and create the png in photoshop.
i found an option in 'save to web and devices' that allow2s you to 'clip to artboard. so as long as my art board is the same size as my image it exports fine. thanks for your help
Once you've created the clipping, why not just copy and paste into Photoshop? It will create an art-board the size of the original rectangle hendrex image but you can select that area and delete, then save as a PNG.
Seems like you have your answers but just to add - saving as a PNG will give you transparency around the clipping mask. Failing that, just do the job in Photoshop in the first place :icon_dunno: