General Question for Designers

Calling all designers!

If I, for example, asked you to supply me with the fonts and links for a job, would you understand what I was asking for? I am interested to know.

I would but I'd be very sceptical about giving fonts away i'd purchased myself. Call me stingey! You could just say the images and fonts used in the design file though to make it easier. I'm kinda interested why you want to know?
Likewise, if it is a commercial font which i have paid for I would not just hand it over. i would point the client in the direction of where they could purchase it.

As for links, I'm not exactly sure what you mean there :icon_confused:
Essentially, I'm a GD/Prepress person. I'd been sent a file, PDF made from illy, no problem. Was asked to do edits to it as sometimes happens, by the agency who supplied the file, so, the actual people who made it (I assume they didn't have time to do it themselves, I don't know).

Open the file - can't proceed as there was a linked file missing and the font was missing too - we didn't have the font on our files. Asked for fonts and links - agency didn't understand what I needed. I wondered if this is a common problem, and do you feel as designers that we are asking for something you feel you don't have to provide.

Basically, it's not a case of asking for a free font, its a prepress requirement - fonts (if you choose not to outline and aren't providing a press ready PDF etc) and linked images. It's nothing to do with stealing fonts from you, it's a case of actually being able print the job for you as you want it.
I'm amazed they didn't know what you were talking about!

You will just have to explain that either they make the amendemnts themselves or they need to package up all of the images and fonts used in the illustrator document and send them to you.

Initially i thought you were just asking for the font so you could have it :)

It is a pet hate of mine when i'm sent a file where unusual fonts have been used and then not outlined / or embedded into the file. Same goes for linked images!

i feel your pain.
Feel better now you've said that - its not just me it drives potty! No I wouldn't dream of just asking for a font someone paid for just for me to have!
If it was needed for print then sure I'd either do it myself or throw you whatever you needed! If they didn't know what you meant then you really do have all the sympathy I can throw at you because that job sounds like its gonna be hard work