GDF Competition Questions

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Boss Hog - confirm that it is one link per registered member?

You can link/mention the competition as much as you like online (the more the better) but can only post one reponse/entry within the Competition thread, although you can list all mentions online within your post, hope that makes sense :icon_smile:
I thought you were going to talk about competition in regard to this forum from other forums! In my view - none! It really is a unique place that keeps special - but I digress!
Excuse my ignorance in this question. I have posted a link to the competition on my facebook, how do I let you guys know I've done so?
Also, the prizes up for grabs are brilliant!Really hope I get something! So glad I came across the link as I'm really excited to be a part of this forum!

Hi Mike

Make the post on Facebook, then where it says beneath your post "7 minutes ago" or "20th May at 12.30pm" You have to click on that text, it will then display just the post, copy the full URL that is displayed in your browser window and paste it in the competition thread.

Hope that makes sense.
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