Gatecrashing in


Hello all - I found this site through Twitter and have enjoyed reading through some of the threads over the past few days.

Me in brief: My name is Natalie - I have 20 years experience in design (no formal qualifications as I originate from Zimbabwe, so got into the deep end and had to learn to swim and luckily have managed to stay in the industry here in the UK over the past 10 years...) I was made redundant from a magazine design job about 4 years ago and have been a home-based freelancer since then - I design 3 bimonthly national franchise magazines and dabble in web design (self taught, mainly vB forums and template changes to CMS - my husband and I own quite a few sites between us) and I enjoy illustrating... In between all that, I am a mum's taxi verging on professional arbitrary lurker.

Looking forward to lurking a bit more in the future and will definitely jump in should I happen to be able to help or have an opinion.

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