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Hey guys, my name is Jay and I'm a freelance graphic artist. I'm 18 years old and have been designing for 6 years now.

I've been doing work for clients across YouTube (Don't laugh, everyone has to start somewhere) and other social media, the most notable is I used to do the branding for 'FPSRussia', A internet celebrity with a huge following, some of you might have heard of him.

I'm looking to take graphic design up in further education, I've never been taught or studied design and I'm wanting to do a course (there are none near me)
I found the site by reading the reviews on Shillington College, the price range and the questionability of what is being taught there has put me off, but I am looking to do something similar.

My only problem is my GCSE's and further College didn't go well at all, I haven't got the grades to get into a college course. I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD which explains my scattered past in terms of education and work.
I really want to study something that'll actually help me in the long run, without having to go through 3 years of college. Is there any suggestions?

Here are my links for an example of past work, bare in mind that some of the work might be quite old!

YouTube - Twitter - Facebook - Behance - Dribbble
Your work is actually really good already. What are you hoping to gain from further education?

I'd put together a portfolio, get in touch with some local digital design studios and ask for a portfolio critique with them. Ask for some work placements too (get in there now whilst all the students are still busy on their courses).

Qualifications in design don't get you a job, your portfolio does :)
My tutors in the past have rammed it into my head that I need a degree or I won't do anything.

Any particular studios you would suggest, I'm not very familiar with them. I live in Middlesborough
Totally agree with Paul. You have some great stuff going on there and in my experience as well, portfolios do the talking. I know a few designers who don't have a degree and are doing well for themselves due to the work they can produce. I myself left college after two years, had the chance to stay for a higher degree but took a chance with a low paid junior designer job and have never looked back. There must be local directories or google for design studios in and around your area, get in touch and ask them for 10 minutes of there time to look at your work. Have you thought about a part time/evening course maybe? Is there any specific area you would like to learn more off, strengthen? Courses can be for one specific thing or many, do some research. Or there are some great courses online like Lynda.com, that dont cost the earth.
My tutors in the past have rammed it into my head that I need a degree or I won't do anything.

This is true for some industries but for most creative visual arts a qualification is irrelevant. Getting a 1st degree in design doesn't make you any better, nor does it prove you're better than someone without one. You'll be hired based on the strength of your portfolio. Everyone I've spoken to in the industry has said the same thing. Since graduating they have never been hired by an employer based on a design qualification (most say they've never even been asked what degree, if any, they have), it's always been because of their work.

Start Googling studios in your area, check out the type of work they do and if appeals to you approach them for portfolio crits. Get to know people in the industry and don't be afraid to apply for junior designer positions that come up.
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