Front-end developer collaboration


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Hi all,
I'm lookig a front-end developer passionate in history and/or history of human space exploration for a FREE collaboration to build some websites with a timeline with all the event (important or less important) about space exploration and history (eg. world war II). I can develop the backend but I need someone with graphic skill and developing skill (eg. AngularJs/jQuery/css) to build the frontend.
If someone are interested please contact me.


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Good luck with that. The sort of skills you are looking for are highly sought after and earn the holders of those skills $$$. Why would they want to help you out for free? What are you offering in return?


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Hi, I know what I'm asking. I looking for a passionate in history or human esploration because I would like to build some portals for knowledge sharing, so I'm searching someone with my same passion to do that!