Freelancers in London


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I'm putting together a little book of designers that could be available to cover me when I'm not in and also work alongside me when we are busy.
I work in a Advertising/production agency that services major clients and other agencies.

My main role is working with Arc (arc) on graphic work mainly based in Photoshop and InDesign.
This can be anything from creative artwork to intricate 3-D typography and Mobile phone Apps.

I work with a team of creative artworkers and repro guys that help out when necessary and artwork anything if needed.
The majority of the time I work directly with Arc's art directors and creative directors to produce digital and print jobs, and so I need someone who is a people person and happy to go to meetings to take briefs directly if needed (although you would have the support of the Project Manager the majority of the time), and someone who is happy to brief the creative artworkers or design team in Nottingham too if they get too much work and need to spread the load.

The studio is a fun and sociable place to work.

Post links to your portfolios if you are interested.

Hi there,

Just for clarification, is this job based in London or Nottingham or are you looking for someone who is able to commute to both locations?