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Hey Luce.

Interesting site. Personally not a fan of it, it seems very odd and I wondered where the content was before I found the small 'enter' button.

Different I guess, but not my cup of tea.

Welcome to the forums none the less!


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Thank you, I always appreciate comments.
I think website and especially creative ones do not have to be obvious and easy.
The home page image is there to interest people in entering the website and gives them enough 'mystere' to see more of the work, this is why the inside pages are easier to get around.

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Hi Lucie

Just visit the link above and click "Submit A Link", the only requirement is that you link back to our forums from your website/links page, this must be in place first as the system checks for the link.

Kindest regards


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Hi Lucie

To be honest (and I am being honest, as I know that some always suggest they are always busy, when they aren't) I'm busier than I have been for quite sometime.

I will be putting up some new examples of the work I've been producing over the last couple of months on my site in the next week or so.

Are you finding it quiet, how do you go about gaining new clients Lucie?



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Yes lol it must be typically Londonian to say 'I am busybusybusy!!' lol :)
Well I found it really quiet those last 2 months, and i am glad you get to have work it means that the economy in this country isn't completely dead! :)
I mainly work for design agencies and those ones are dying at the moment, keep pitching for no money etc.
So yes january for me has been bad but let's hope that the next 11 months of 2009 with be productive!

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You have a strong portfolio Lucie, I'm sure you'll be fine - maybe just need to do abit more ringing round, and getting your portfolio out there,

Are you with any design recruitment agencies, when I used to live in London I found Major Players to be very good, I'm sure there are plenty of others too. Best of luck with it.


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Thanks Dot! Appreciate your encouragement :)
Yes I know Mayor Player, I am with many of the recruitment agencies, but as they are sourcing their work from design agencies, and those ones are not doing much now, as a result of fact, I don't get much!
Hopefully the situation will change, I keep putting my detail everywhere so maybe that will help :)
All the best

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Yes, sorry! (thx Boss)

I should have explained myself alot better, fill out the interview it will help raise your profile Luce