Freelance CV - how much info to put in!


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I am updating my CV and I am just wondering the best way of describing the work I've done and for whom, but I am concerned that if it goes on too long I am going to cause the reader to lose interest!
Do I....
1) Do a general description of the artwork I have done as a freelancer and then list the clients I have produced artwork for example:
Artwork created: logo design, brochure design, exhibition design (etc)
Clients: Client 1, Client 2, Client 3 (etc)
...thus cutting down on space
2) List the clients individually with the exact artwork I have created for them for example
Client 1: Logo design (May 2011)
Client 2: Brochure design (April 2011)
Client 3: Exhibition graphics (March 2011)
e.t.c, e.t.c

Or should I do something else? What would you do?

I'd give a general overview of your skills/what you do, with a list of the clients you've worked for.
I'd then choose 3-5 case study examples highlighting the different areas you've worked on and then describe briefly what you did/how/the end result.
These case studies could include a small image of the finished design/artwork.

Keep it all on A4.

Don't need to see that you've produced a logo design for 16 companies! You do 'logo design' - backed up with a really strong (small) visual.

I'm sure there'll be those that disagree with images on CVs, but we are in a visual field and 'difference' is what makes one stand out.
Hi Paul

Many thanks for your advice - that has been really helpful. I hear so many differing views as to what to put on/what not to put on; keeping it simple/making it look creative etc. I just get so confused!

I will try those recommendations and see how it looks. Thanks again :icon_smile: