FREE Website for Designers, Interested?

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Just a quick post to see if anyone would be interested in this, we are thinking of putting together a FREE website template specifically aimed at designers that will easily allow them to have a professional looking website to showcase their work. Obviously this is for designers with no coding skills that don't have funds to employ a coder.

The template would be easily editable so that it can be branded by the designer.

Just a thought so just let us know....
Sounds like a good idea - you see allot of poor showcases!

Yeah that's what I thought, it seems that a lot of designers just try their best and unfortunately as they don't have the coding skills they end up with an awful looking site, which is a shame if they have a good portfolio of work as a poor looking website would put me off as a customer.

The idea is that we will offer them a professional looking solution for free, that's if anyone is interested of course :icon_smile: