FREE - Online Brochure / Magazine


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Ok been abit busy of late, so much going on but all good stuff so been a little quiet!!!

Ok when something sounds to good to be true it usually is, well not this time. Unlike Stuart Bags the Brand this offer isn't to good to be true.

vivid. is launching a new website & a new online brochure system. Now while we have 3 clients already using it with 2 more in the pipeline, we would like to have a few more ones on our portfolio when we go live and push it hard.

So if you have a Brochure / Magazine you would like displayed on your website instead than as a PDF download, then get in touch. Honestly there is no cost.

We will provide the brochure in a ZIP file ready to be uploaded by you to your webserver OR if you wish we will even upload it for you!

There really is no catch! Call it a good will gesture for the merry season! :up:

Email csparkes [@at] vividnewmedia . co . uk with some basic information.