Forum/Blog Poster services


New Member
I am offering my time services as a forum or blog poster. My pricing are:

Forum poster
$0.10 per post. Each post will be at least 10 words, on average 30-40 words
per post. Minimum purchase: 100 forum posts. Delivery: Within 1 week.

Blog poster
$1 per blog post. I will post one blog entry per day on your blog based on your
topics. Minimum purchase: 30 blog posts. Delivery: Within 30 days

If you are interested, please PM me for details.
Just out of interest...

1) Why would we pay you to contribute to our forum when we have members that do so because they want to? (free of charge)

2) What do you know about the services that I offer in order to be able to post on my blog on my behalf....for example I am a brain surgeon, what do you know about that?