For all designers and developers that could do with more work


Hello I get a lot of e-mails and phone calls for all aspects of web, design & print, I have been doing work for a high volume of companies and individuals over the past few years and have built good friendships with them and thus their friends coming to me for work. However I don’t get much time to complete full jobs anymore as I work full time. So I came up with a good idea which is beneficial for me and the design industry.

This is not a scam of any kind and i am not charging anybody nothing at all instead I am helping out many designers worldwide by passing my work onto others who will get paid the price they charge. However, I don’t have a network of designers, developers, coders etc..which is why I came to this forum to find those contacts and build up a friendship with designers all around the world to pass any work I get too.

So if you are interested please reply below with:

E-mail address
link to portfolio

I look forward to getting to know you and building up a good relationship

Please feel free to ask any more questions


Reece Slack