Fonts with history..


Hey guys,

I'm looking for a very clean, crisp contemporary san serif font (must be available in the basic weights inc light and preferably free or cheap).
Open to any suggestions so I won't mention any examples of some that I have found to be close to what I imagine.. Instead, Ill tell you about how it will be used because I don't want to sway suggestions.

The important part of my decision with deciding on a font is the history behind it. I'm finding it hard to navigate a great deal of typographical history to find a font that I'm not sure of yet, so perhaps one of you awesome guys might happen to know something relevant :)

I'm creating a logo | letterhead | for a corporate identity that specializes in bespoke renovation - think Grand Designs. Extremely modern yet extremely traditional - a building that encompasses a perfect mix of both.
I'd like to find a font that embodies both of these sentiments whether it is visually or visual and history behind the font. Some architectural relevance might be nice if someone has come across one..

If anyone can point me to some interesting fonts that fit the bill please post it's name so that I can have a look and read into it's background...

Many thanks guys xx