Font similar to 'Meloriac'...


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Hello guys, I was hoping you could help me with a conundrum. Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology, I am new to this.

I very much like the look and feel of the Meloriac font - Meloriac font family : MyFonts

It is perfect for my needs, except for one thing - it's lack of a lower case typeset. An important part of what I want to use it for is that the word / logo I am making is two words put together with no spacing - therefore I need upper case letters for the first letter of each word to separate them but lower case for the rest.

Can anyone make any suggestions? It doesn't have to be a copy of the meloriac font, but maybe something with a similar 'vibe' - Fun, idiosyncratic, but not novelty.

Thank you in advance.
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