Font pairing website


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Hello! I am designing some t-shirts and am after some font pairing website recommendations. I found one a few months back that helped you match fonts but can't find it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:)


Hello MiaC,
I agree that you can find a number of font pairing websites in Google search. Here are some.

1. Georgia, Avenir & Avenir Light
2. Oswald Medium & Roboto Bold
3. Reklame Script, Poppins Semi Bold & Poppins Extra Light
4. Monoton, Lulo Clean & Futura
5. DIN Neuzeit Grotesk & Avenir Light


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Font pairings depends entirely on what you want to say. Sure there are always classics that go together well, but a lot depends on the story you want to tell. If you were doing a goth / punk t-shirt, the font pairing you’d choose would be very different from if you were doing, say, a ‘puppies and cushions’ themed t-shirt.