Font license as part of rebrand?


Hi all,

This is just something I've been mulling over. Do you ever include font licenses as part of your quote/deliverable?

i.e. You produce a brand guideline in which you suggest a brand friendly font, but do you then provide a license of any kind for that font? Or do you leave the onus on the client to source the correct font in order to follow the specs that you have designed and outlined in the brand guidelines?



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Personally I don't include that in my quote/deliverable but I do make them fully aware that there may be additional licensing costs for imagery/video/fonts etc if purchased from an external source before any work/quote is given.

What I do do however is give them all the information in regards to which license they need if they choose to go ahead with the final design etc.... basically I keep them fully informed of the 'full' cost including my services.

Or I just try and find one of the many open source fonts that are free to use in commercial settikngs which makes the client happy too :)
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