Font identification please


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Hi Guys
Can someone help with this font please. I'm sure it's an obvious one but I can't find it!
It is the 'ROUND BRITAIN' font that I'm trying to identify.
Thanks for having a look for me Mr Penguin [I hesitate to call you by your first name;-)]
It is nearly correct, but not quite near enough, so I will search the site as you suggest.
With thanks
It might be awful, but someone liked it once :)
I have to add some further text to the logo so I am constrained by what is there already.

I have not found the corrrect font yet, so any help is gratefully received.
I suspect that it has been enboldened so the bowl of the R may not normally touch the stem, for example. It's hard to tell but I also wonder whether it may have had a backward slant to the letters.