Font Identification for Jim's Cafe Logo.


Hi there,

I need to figure out the font from this image, can anyone help me identify it?

Another question i have is, is it possible to create a logo from an image? If you look at the colour image of Jim's Cafe, I want to create a vector based logo of the JIM'S CAFE sign? I've tried Live Trace in Illustrator but the result is always wobbly and not particularly straight...almost looks like a painting of real thing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my queries.



Looks like it could be Eurostile... but I haven't checked.

Live trace could work - but change the red to black in Photoshop and change the contrast - then use the point delete button etc to follow the letters - if it's big it should be OK to do.
Yeh it does look very Eurostile'ish. In terms of the image, it would be easy enough to redraw, it's really just a lot of rectangles. Place on a layer, convert it to a template then add a new layer above it and draw away :thumb: