Font costs and managing clients


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Hi, im a web designer thats has worked for a lage web design company since i graduated, about 3 yrs ago. I dont get much experience with the clients, my role is mainly in the studio.

I have recently accepted some freelance work to design a logo from a small agency. The work has a very tight timecale and budget.

I agreed an hourly rate, and how many hours the work would take. Since this, i have completed the project. but im unsure of font licensing costs.

My quote didnt include any costs for this. I own licences to these fonts as i bought them myself. The agency hasnt asked any questions regarding fonts. I have recomended fonts for use in the designs i created, and the client is happy to proceed.

Now what? do i assume the cient willl go out and purchase these? or are they expecting me to purchase these for them?

Any help on explaining roughly how this process should work will be greatly appreciated

Many thanks
A far as I'm aware, if youve bought the font, you have bought the legal right to use it commercially.

At the end of the day, its a logo (which Im assuming is a vector) so if youre concerned about the font you've used, outline it... hey presto its no longer a font!