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My question is both a font question as well as a graphic design question so wasn't sure which forum to post it, anyway, here is my question, my background is not in graphic design. I have a photo(which is just an example), see attached and the following are questions I would like advice on

1. What type of font is appropriate, I have used Futura Lt Bt
2. Should Tom Baker, Massage Therapist, Welcome & About be all aligned as I have done it
3. Is it ok to center Tom Baker, Massage Therapist
4. Should the logo, which is not shown, be also aligned with Tom Baker, Massage Therapist, Welcome & About
5. My original photo, the person is on the right and all the text is to the left but I couldn't find any photo which
had the man on the right, so what I have attached is the next best thing.

Thanks for any advice given


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The font's fine. Personally, I'd align to the right to lock with the navigation links - and I wouldn't chop the chin off like that.
I'm not using that picture, it's just an example to go with my question.
Is it better to use san serif fonts for large heading, like I did
Agree with Dave, and I'd also perhaps use a darker colour for the Tom Baker Massage Therapist font rather than white :icon_smile:
I'd probably do something like this (it's a quick 2 minute job in PS).

Lightened the image a bit (I'd personally refrain from the textured background and opt for a uniform colour).

As mentioned, don't crop the chin (if you must crop a face, go for the top of the hair but I'd avoid it completely).

Is that an actual picture of Tom? If so I'd change it, the look on his face is very stern, I personally wouldn't want him massaging me with that expression!


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