Flash help!


I've just presented a visual for a new website for a drinks company, I've used a stock image of a drink being poured as guideance for their photo shoot and in his wisdom the MD has come back and said :

"love it, can you make the puring drink look as though it moves?"

My gut reaction is NO!, but as that isn't how I work and I love a challenge I think... OK maybe I can, although...​

One thing I've never really got to grips with is Flash, I've had numerous false starts, picking it up and running with it then letting it fall by the wayside as I haven't really had the call for it... ActionScript is beyond me... but I'm OK with animating along a timeline so I could be OK on this, with some convincing artwork I could create the animation, or should I be going back to them to shoot some video?​

Anyway, if anyone has ever produced a flash animation of pouring liquid or know of any tutorial I'd appriceate some feedback. :angel: ta, Tim.


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might be worth looking at the videos on istockphoto... maybe you can find some stock video of what you want, that'd save a lot of effort!


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Search the net for stock video or if you prefer to have a go at creating the running water yourself I would suggest combining After Effects with Flash for a more 'polished' look.
You can keep the file size to a minimum by only rendering the effect/area you need, then import the video directly on the timelime (its not normaly advisable to import video directly to the Flash timeline).
Put the clip on a layer above the stock image and you should be left with a proffesional looking running water effect with minimum file size.


I answered my own question... a classic case of sleep on it, pondering this overnight led me to develop this sample, in a little over an hour.


With a bit more time I recon on getting the liquid a little more realisitc.

My design that spawned this request is here: