First go at design - own brief


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Hello just getting into design and thought I would have a go at trying to make myself some sort of business website for practice.
The name of the business i have created is called Loosey Goosey.
The following are pictures of the logo and the website layout.
The website is obviously not near completion, but I would like your guys thoughts on the layout so far..
P.S I just realised that one of the buttons is a bit out of place.. please ignore it.
And the smiley face is not going to be there!


Unless you had said the business name I would NEVER have been able to read your logo, this definitely needs looking at again before proceeding with the website design. At present the website also looks pretty poor if I am honest, sorry...
I got the Loosey part, would never have gotten goosey though. I think that needs addressed.
The website doesn't look too great, it's very simple, which is good but the style doesn't work too well I don't think.
Try white?
I still can't see Goosey!

Obviously this is still in its infancy. I would suggest putting a bit more meat into it all and then come back and ask. I like the loose cartoon feel. However, it still needs a substantial amount of work before an opinion can be properly formed.

I would be interested in seeing some of your other work which you could include and then come back.

Cheers. :icon_smile:
Hello thanks for the feedback.

The logo only has the two o's which are the eyes.
I did realise that people may not be able to read the logo but thoght it would be ok and a bit more original. Lots of brands use logos that have nothing to do with their name.

Yes the website is not very good and thanks again for the feedback.
I have been thinking about white and will try and have a fiddle about with it.

On another note, is it best to create layouts on Photoshop and buttons on flash etc and import them to Dreamweaver?

Thanks again lads.
You can do it all in Photoshop, including the buttons, then just use HTML and CSS to mark it up in Notepad or something.
Dreamweaver is a bit of a nightmare, don't ever just use the Design view on it, just use the Code or Split views. I find the split view handy so I can see roughly what it'll look like rendered, it's also good for having numbers on your lines next to the code, but the drag and drop mode isn't good at all.

You could always drop the Goosey and just have Loosley? That'd work?