final major project advice


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So I am currently on foundation, graphics pathway and need to start writing my FMP soon. Well I would like to do something along the lines or 3D graphics (anyone read the book stereo graphics?) or working with paper, paper engineering, etc. I've been looking at some artists work: yulia brodskaya - Google Search
rob ryan - Google Search
Zim And Zou on the Behance Network

basically I want to work in that way, as in working with real materials and diverting from something that is created in photoshop but I am not sure on how I can come up with a brief that explains this, I was thinking of just doing identity/branding stuff and work in that way but I'd like to explain more about with real materials vs photoshop, any ideas people?
You could do something with paper engineering - making pop-outs, pop-ups. We had a box of samples from a company a couple of years ago *name escapes me* but when we opened the box all the samples popped out like a firework and snapped into 3D.

Take a look at the work of Mark Hiner.... you should get some ideas from his website.