[Feedback/Support] McDonalds Website Redesign Project


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Hey guys, new here and would love to further expand my design circle. Recently i have been working on a re-design concept project for McDonalds. I have just completed designing the final screen and have now begun animating the homepage. Id love any critique, feedback or support! I created the prototypes within Adobe XD and then used After Effects for the animation. I am still currently working on this project and will continue to post updates to my Twitter.


Paul Murray

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Those animations feel too slow for me. Generally you want to use animaion to highlight something or to indicate user interaction, so I'd restrict it to the top bar and just have the hero load in at once and peed everything else up, or just have the elements in the hero all animate at once rather than waiting for the previous one to finish.

There's an argument to be had for not animating but I know it adds a 'modern' feel to sites that clients expect nowadays.


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Don't ever, ever, ever have a splash screen. The site needs to display useful content within a fraction of a second.

Consider also the purpose of the site. If it's a corporate portal the content should be appropriate to the company. If it an online ordering system then that's what you should focus on. Or maybe the homepage should be 'find my nearest restuarant'

And consider that most people will be using a phone so focus on a small screen layout not the desktop.


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Was there a reason I had to go to twitter to see a few seconds of tiny video...

Also being honest, I prefer the look of the existing one, both the US version and the UK version (they're different for some reason)