Feedback required on Logo


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Hey guys,
I'm in the middle of completing a logo for a new Christian organisation. They company is called 'Awakening' and they focus on helping Christians to come together to pray share ideas etc.
The founder and myself talked through many ideas and drafts and came up with the idea of using a tree to symbolise growth, prosperity and the general organic feel he wanted behind everything.
Also the type has been created custom for the logo. I wanted to create a type that was warm, approachable and inviting.
Just wanted some quality feedback on it before I send it through. I feel its almost complete and am pretty happy with it. However I really want the opinions of some other designers good bad or ugly.
thanks guys
Quite like what you've done wth the tree-in-a-circle thing and, although I'm not crazy about it, I can see how the font kind of fits the purpose. I do bits and pieces of work for the Church of England and (if that's the affiliation) I'd consider going with Optima, as used in the CofE logo.
Thanks for the feedback Dave I appreciate it. Unfortunately the work is not being done for the Church of England.. cheers anyway though
Those leaves are pretty hard to make out, especially as the green doesn't contrast too well against the darker background. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the text either. The colour works well I think, but the actual mark seems a bit too neat and clean compared to the hand-written text. Overall I like what you've got so far though :)