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Hi there, guys!

I thought a good way to use my first post is to show you all my new identity, to put across print, web, video and other mediums.

Just a little background first - I'm a freelance designer working as part of the Interactivists freelance collective in Bournemouth on the south coast. I love to create simple, elegant logos and branding materials, and also dabble in web design and live events.

This logo has turned out to be the hardest thing I've ever done as I'm never happy with what I've got and always want to try something new, but I feel now that I've created something unique and personal which stands out. Here are a few shots of the logo including possible uses of colour and, putting it into context, the use of the logo on my in-development website so you can see where it's all going.

Please give me any feedback at all. Love to hear what you all think of the identity!

examples with colour
example in context with the website

I do like the concept in as much as I think it typifies what you've said that you're looking to do - simple and elegant etc, and it feels pretty uniqe to me, I can't recall anything too similar.

My only apprehension would be that it could possibly be a little difficult to read initially so if I wasn't already aware then it could perhaps be a bit hard to make it out, but I do like it and that does add to it's uniqueness I guess so I don't want that to seem too much of a criticism!
Personal opinion - unique but appears somewhat thrown together. I would align height (top) of TJ and bottom CW. Looks much better in context.

Hope this helps.
In some ways I liked it but then I felt I looked clumsily put together. As Minuteman says and I agree 'aligning the tops bottoms' good start.

I wouldn't say it was unique though. But don't punish yourself.
If at first you don't succeed .... Plagiarize

Dont mind me though (I'm not a real designer).:icon_notworthy:

Some thoughts

Four letters is not that catching..
Logos are a core element of branding.

I've had to help rebrand others before because of poor name choices. So take your time you can always change it.
thanks guys, really appreciate the comments. i'm gonna have a look into aligning it all a bit better.

the idea behind the 4 letters is that they're my initials. i used to trade under the name Sustaind as i like to do my work with an environmentally responsible and sustainable edge, but it didn't really mean anything. TCJW is who i am and i feel like clients are going to be hiring me, not a name. I'm going to play around with it some more as I agree that it's a bit lopsided. I tried to make it kind of join together and flow but that allowed it to be kind of off-balance. I'm going to look into the font too, as I'm thinking that my choice doesn't really help at all.

Thanks again!
Perhaps consider a split design i.e.
2 letters in one style (say the outside ones) and the others in a differentt style but set back..

Of course I could be talking tosh..

Your right folks will hire you not your logo, so you logo could be complimentary instead.

Just thoughts of course.. Good fortune :icon_cheers:
I don't object to it but it doesn't stand out massively? It looks like it could be for a lawyers or accountants. The W for me is way too wide, it looks almost the width of the other 3 letters combined. I know it's a wide letter, but it does stand out quite a way.

Personally I like it in that soft pink kind of look. I think that adds to the 'creativity and flair' that designers desire in their logos? (well, I do personally).

I've also recently just tried to make a logo for myself and I have to say, hardest brief ever.
No Kidding.:icon_clapping:
It is so easy to Criticise (constructively of course) others work. but boy trying to design for yourself..

You just get too close with 'personal/emotional' crap.

Best advice I ever got. stand back let as many others review it as possible.
(dont ask your granny of course she'll love it. Grannys love everything we do.:icon_blushing:)

Good, bad, offensive, inoffensive or whatever. just remember it's only opinions.

Go with your heart.

When designing anything for yourself set a deadline and meet it and move on.
It's really hard to be objective with your own stuff. And you can go on tweaking it forever. I like that 'set a deadline, move on' idea. That's what needs done when you work on your own stuff I think.

And, don't show your Granny lol. My parents just don't get it either.