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Currently I'm working on advertising project regarding suicide awareness theme.
The restriction of audience is youth 15-25 years old both male and female.
I would really appreciate some brief thoughts on what you feel and think of these posters:

Feel free to click on thumbs to larger images.
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The font on the first one needs to be cleaner. Try reducing or removing the glow and have a solid font and the small text try running it right accross the bottom.

Again with the second try making the font more clear and it should look ok. I'm not keen on the third one the image doesn't really represent anything. Hope this helps.
Of course it does, thank you!
Regarding the ideas behind third image, my personal thoughts and views on death as a very natural process and I have nothing agains suicide itself, I chose to work on this theme because it is useful sometimes to expand own limits and work on something I, as misanthropic creature, maybe not agree at all, yet since I'm doing art and design I'm trying not to have limited ideas.
Sometimes it's good to have limited constraints as it forces you to optimise for the criteria and can also get you to think outside the box. (obv diff from limited ideas but gives you soemthing to work with)

You might also want to touch on depression, drugs, dire circumstances too in order to capture the essence of what could work up to suicide
I looooove the white one. I think its amazing!!!

I know this might sound stupid but maybe you could make the others feel less gloomy, I know the subject it but maybe to have your posters be noticed and understood you need to think of what people look at the poster will think and feel.
I am not saying make it all happy and love but maybe a bit more fun...maybe I dunno

or on the other side make them more to the point so like more erm.. gory if you know what i mean.

maybe.... however i do think they are really good :) lol
Thanks, Sarah :)
I know what you mean, maybe I'll do some more alternatives on this subject. I found it hard to get messages against suicide, because I tend to work in rather occult/dark art. Covers for SDBM bands, artworks and posters was successful...
anytime :) yes i know what you mean. Its very hard to find the right way to explain your message.

Good luck and all the best
I like the one with the microphone. Try some different fonts. It needs to be easily read

Although I appreciate what the advert is for - when people design them, they never seem to outline the light at the end of the tunnel (visually).

Maybe consider working on that. Bring a bit of a happy ending to the poster. After all that's what the people calling are after.
I'd consider making these a little more positive, they are a little depressing. I know the subject matter lends its self to a dark approach but I think it would benefit from abit more positivity. That said I'd look at making the fonts cleaner and more legible as some have said.
I agree with dot Design, they need to be more positive - perhaps something to do with their future, positive images of them graduating/holding their baby/getting married/ etc, with wording STOP and look forward to the future! great design work however.
Again I agree they are too negative. Focus on the positive sides of life, and to be honest when I looked at the thumbnails without reading the brief they looked more like movie posters to me than an advertising campaign. Try and think outside the box.