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Hi guys!
Would just like some constructive feedback on my online portfolio. I am a graphic design student, going into the second year of my degree course in september and would love to hear some feedback on my work from the first year. I have the next 3 months to myself (when I am not working) and would like to make the most of my time by learning more and improving myself as a designer as much as possible.
Thanks guys

Below is the link to my online portfolio.

George Lewis-Jones
hi there! ive just finished an art and design foundation, and i love your work!
especially the informatin graphics and the first year student magazine.
i really like the photo of the building at night on a gaunty angle

Sorry guys!

Firstly thank you for your kind compliment cope =) its nice to know my work is appreciated by people other than my family, friends and tutors.

Im sorry that the site is down, I have just checked the site, it seems to be perfectly fine at the moment. I have checked the settings, doubled checked them even and have come across no problems. I will leave another link below, and also the actually address to my online portfolio below the link. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my portfolio guys, it means a lot to me! =)

George Lewis-Jones

www . shownd . com / georgelewisjones (please copy this link into your address bar, but make sure you add the dots in the correct places)

If non of the above worked then please try this...

http:// shownd . com / georgelewisjones
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