Favourite Fonts


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Kind of digging Zulia Pro at the moment.



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Nice font that Scotty, it reminds me of The Carpenter font family. its got loads of character.


Sorry Scotty I don't like this font - reminds me of a 'metal' typeface we used way back - can't remember the name :)

Jase Wolf

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For me, Marker Felt and Patrick Hand just are so awesome.

I've always been one for Comic Sans when making documents. Used to use a kind of wacky font for my YouTube/website logo, but since last year, when I tried finding a font similar to that I used to use, I came across Marker Felt. Loved and used it ever since.

As a logo, and using as font in my YouTube video thumbnails, it's fantastic, but for my website, Marker Felt was still a bit too wacky for an all over font. That's where Patrick Hand came in :p


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Proxima Nova, Tactic Sans, Equip is nice too oh and FF Meta because it might just have saved a project I'm working on! Maybe....