Facebook page community


Hi guys,
as some of you may be aware, we are on the verge of launching our brand new print & marketing e-commerce website. Alongside the launch and looking into the future we are looking to grow our online presence by offering help, tips and general industry news to anyone with an interest. This is where you guys come in!

If you have a facebook page that you are using for general tips, help and news then please let us know as we'd like to connect with you and discuss the information that you may post onto your page and vice-versa!

Our page is Toppers Print and Design Limited - Local business - Stevenage, United Kingdom - Only likers | Facebook

Post yours up for other people to view and like!
...Oh! I forgot to mention we are also offering 'likers' the chance to win an ipod nano! :icon_tongue_smilie:
Great idea. Have connected with you through Bristol Computer Fix page. Hopefully different enough topics to be worthwhile for fans of both.
Obviously these forums are a great place for discussion, but i feel that on facebook people are also connected to prospective clients for other industries, therefore if we can all start communicating through facebook as well then we can all prosper by recommendations and discussion that prospective clients may see!
Surely it depends on what you intend to use it for and if you are then able to integrate it to your website as a quick way for customers to find and buy products.