Facebook? Is it a good idea?


Hey everyone,

I was sitting thinking of creating an account of facebook for my designs to network with other designers.
I thought I would see what you all think about this. Do you guys think its a good idea? Do designers
use facebook for this?

Could be interesting to see what you think....

all the best
You could also build a relevant following on Twitter and post regular Tweets to your work.

Think about your target audience vs Facebooks user stats also.

Heck yeah- Facebook is ace for promoting events- less so for generating clients.
Linked In looks good- I'm only just getting my head round it.

In the olden days, I did all our business development on MySpace- it was amazing for music industry! Social Networking is the way forward, Facebook may not go the distance, but it is cool.

we're toying with the idea of doing a Spotify Ad!
As mentioned above, if facebook can do for businesses what myspace has done for music, then by all means, it's a good idea.
I know somebody who works in property, and he's just created a page for his business on facebook. He mentioned something about needing 25 fans before he could start linking to his page though or something. More researched needed.
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Thank you all for the comments, I have went and made both accounts however
Linkedin does seen to have a lot more connections than Facebook.

Here is my LinkedIn account for anyone who wants to connect
with me (I am still learning how to use it lol)
sarah Allen - LinkedIn

Again thank you :icon_biggrin:
All the best
It's better to have than not have. :)

(As you're into networking, I just connected with you on LinkedIn!)

Mark :)
For business Linked In is the way forward to build up your business associates. Linked In

Twitter is also good for announcing work you are doing and bits of news. Twitter

Facebook is only really useful if you create a fan page for all of your friends to join, you can then upload your designs to your fan page.

You can also link your Twitter and Facebook accounts so when you upload any designs to facebook it will announce them on Twitter. You can then also have your Twitter feed listed on your Linked In account.

So basically using a combination of Linked In, Twitter and Facebook you can cover all bases and link them together.

If you wanted to go further you could also create a Wordpress blog and then have that post to Twitter and and again have the feed from that go on your Linked In account.

I found LinkedIn better than FB...
made quite a lot of business connection through LinkedIn ....
I find LinkedIn is more professional information rather that FB where quite a lot of personal information is displayed and attracts hackers ...
I haven't heard of anyone who's LinkedIn account has been hacked where as many FB accounts have been hacked...
This reminded me that I set up a fb for our website last week that had yet to be published :icon_rolleyes:

I'm on my way to revive our company's old linkedIn site as I write this.

I've heard very good things about LinkedIn but I'm slightly doubtful of fb's influence on search engine rankings especially as the userbase is less interested in graphic design than Farmville....still, I would be of the belief that it's better to have a page set up than to not have a page at all.