Experienced Wordpress website designer required

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Hello. I'm looking to update my site and need an experienced web designer with good design eye and full knowledge of Wordpress to assist me.

I'm not looking for someone that only knows how to install WP and install a theme (I know how to do that!) I need someone who knows Wordpress inside out and familiar with latest developments/web technology to update my site.

Please PM me or call me.

Hi Paul, sounds more like your looking more for a developer as you have the design side covered?
Would that be fair to say, will hit you up on skype but know a man who can help you if so.
Not sure if you still need help on this we are extremely experienced in Wordpress and have developed many sites including customising the WordPress system, we also have a team of talented Graphic Designers.

Feel free to contact via our website or PM
Not open for further replies.