Exeter Arts Hub Open Exhibition in Exeter 1 - 8th Feb (including digital art)


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Exeter Arts Hub – Open Exhibition Feb 01 – 08. 25 Manor Road, St Thomas, Exeter.

Everyday until 4/4.30 ish (next to Montgomery School).

P.s there is also graffiti art, digital art and photography to keep it relevant to this forum :0)

Exhibitions | Exeter Arts Hub

If you're in the South West over the next week and fancy checking out the creative talent from the Exeter area check out this great little show. Sculpture, oil paintings, spray paint portraits, pottery, textiles, graffiti art, digital art, photography and much much more come down and take a look.

Two floors of studio space to rent at reasonable rates. For more info ask Adam on the Exeter Contemporary Arts Hub Facebook page.

Pottery classes already running and hopefully other classes running in the future. Kiln already in use at the Hub too. Again ask on the facebook page if interested.

Many thanks all.

I wasn't sure whether to post this in the general Graphic Design section or the art critique section so It's fine if it has to be moved.