Exercise, do you?

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Just wondering how many hours you sit at your computer a day? Do you take regular exercise throughout the day??

I am sat here from 8.00am until 6.00pm (ish), I even work from my laptop most evenings, I hardly do any exercise at the moment to be honest as I am so busy and sometimes at the end of a long week realise that I have hardly moved (literally).

I have recently purchased an exercise bike and stepper which are in my office, I can now at least do some exercise in the day (when I get chance).

DVT is not uncommon when sitting for long periods :icon_scared:

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I do sod all exercise and I know its really bad as like yourself I spend most of my time sitting down.

Just been diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) and have to take tablets for it, so exercise is hi on my list now of things to do.

I just really need to get my butt into gear.

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I actually feel more tired of an evening from being sat here all day than when I used to do manual labour and hard graft many years ago. I just feel so lethargic all the time, I like you need to get my butt into gear.

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Mental work / stress can be just as tiring to the body as physical work. The difference being physical work keeps your body in shape and as a result you have more energy of an evening.

I get home from work and just about have enough drive / energy / willpower (whatever you want to call it) to make a cup of tea. haha


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I'm with you guys.

Knackered after a 12 - 18 hour day.

I've considered biking to work as we have showers there but I quite often have to pop out to clients of to the printers so it isn't practical.

We've just got an office Pingpong table but not really a proper work out!


I bike to my work but one of the hills is a killer so have to get off and walk it lol.

Other times like a Friday night (I do 4 - midnight shifts Monday to Friday) I can't be bothered so I walk (50 minute walk) and get a taxi home.

EDIT: Sorry just realised this is an old thread - my apologies.


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Not much in the last year if I'm honest.

That's mainly down to many injury setbacks, but trying to get running again, although my leg is a bit weak. Once I'm back into football I'll be doing that a lot, trying to regain my fitness.


I do plenty of reps whilst sat at my computer...... Lifting that coffee mug is great for the biceps!

Running round after my kids is all the exercise I need.



Thankfully I have to walk the kids too and from two different school sites school each day so that forces a level of daily of exercise on me - especially as we nearly always end up practically running there every day. I walk 16 miles a week from these trips alone.

In addition I sporadically do things like running/weight training etc....basically I workout when I start to get flabby! When I get toned up again I start slacking off until I get flabby again. A dreadful cycle of 'only exercising when I have to', but hey ho, at least I'm getting some even though it's not regular enough for my liking.

I used to be one of those exercise fruitloops for ten years solid until I got a knee injury and it stopped me exercising anywhere near as much. I would be exercising 6 hours a week, getting up at 5am before work to do it and I would even exercise on Christmas Day I was so obsessed.

I was one of those seen with a six pack and a protein shake and the only person in the office refusing a donut on someones birthday.

Now if I could just get back to this level of interest in it, I'd be very happy, but I guess I burned out and am now bored stiff with all sorts of exercise generally. In addition my knee injury, which still causes pain 12 year later, plagues me and makes it hard for me to make fitness gains, it really ticks me off and ends up demotivating me in the end when I can't work out as hard as I want to.

I'm embarking on another stint of exercising this week that may well last a few months.... lets see how fit and toned I get this time before I get sick of it and give up and get flabo again :)



Most days I forget to exercise as I can't wake up early.