European Logo Competition - Win £80 (€100) in Amazon Vouchers


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Calling all Graphic Designers

Do you want to have your work showcased all over Europe (with the added bonus of a cash prize)?

Then we have a fantastic opportunity for you…

The Competition

SignMedia SMART is an innovative mobile application for deaf individuals in the media industry – and we are giving you the chance to update our existing logo and win €100 (£80) in Amazon Vouchers.

Get your work displayed across the whole of Europe and win some goodies!

The Rules

You must submit your post via the official logo competition page.

The design can be as creative or innovative as you want but must be based on our existing logo and must contain the word SMART.

The original logo can be downloaded from the official competition page.

All Entries must be received by 30th June 2014

For full rules and details visit the official Sign Media competition page.

Good Luck
This doesn't infringe against the T&Cs so I'll keep the thread up (for now), but in all honesty that prize is really lacking – having your work "seen across Europe" is no substitute for being fairly compensated for your time and effort. We can't pay our bills with exposure, and as such the submissions you get are likely to be lacking.

I'd strongly urge you to reconsider the 'prize' to improve the quality of the designs you get.
Exposure is part of the pay anyway - it doesn't matter if it's exposed to 1 or 1,000,000 ...

A prize stipulates it's a competition, and I'm very much against this in the graphic design arena. This isn't a game we play, it's not a playground, there are no prizes. It's a wage, it's a job, it's a family, it's a mortgage, it's everything anyone else in a job has.

Why do people think "prizes" are worth "logos" - it's just insulting.
I thought last year the argument as to why these type of competitions are accepted was that students may want to enter for the exposure and the work for their portfolios, whilst having a 'chance of winning a prize'. And that 'you don't have to enter' etc. etc.

I am totally against these type of competitions for the very reasons stated above.