Esquire Magazine


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I'm a student at university studying graphic design and was given a project on the UK magazine Esquire.

Please could you answer a few questions, which would be of great help to my research.

1. Do you read Esquire, if so, how many times (Are you a subscriber?)

2. Where do you usually buy Esquire?

3. What instinctly makes you want to buy it?

4. What is the most important/useful section of the magazine for you and why?

5.Have you bought any products as a direct result of the advertisements in the magazine, if so, what product?

6. What is your opinion of the design/layout of the magazine?

7. How would you describe yourself personally?

8. What are your ambitions/ aspirations in life?

9. Describe what you think the typical reader of Esquire should be.

Thank you for taking your time in answering these questions :icon_notworthy: