.eps query

Ben Ja Min

Good evening everybody! Was wondering if anybody knew why an .eps file may appear rough round the edges when viewed in say microsoft word (its fine in photoshop etc). It works fine on my Mac but when on the PC it seems a bit uneasy on the eye yet still prints fine.

If anyone has a cure that would be marvelous

many thanks
Well you learn something new everyday.

Don't have a solution for you unfortunately as I didn't even know you could do that with an eps file. :icon_biggrin:
I think it's probably not so much a problem with the file but the settings on the PC are not set up to view high res files. Could well be the resolution of the monitor. If the eps is showing on the Mac fine then it's not the quality of the file.


EPS and Word

You can easily get Word to take an EPS by using 'insert image'. I used to do it all the time.

Then I decided the on screen blurring was quite an irritation because it doesn't look good when viewed on the screen and so I started simply using a 300dpi JPEG or TIFF instead for when the design is put into a Word Doc. Then you get nice on the screen and also nice print as well.

I don't think there's a cure for on the on screen blurryness of an EPS is there?

Simply open the EPS vector master file and export a 300dpi jpeg or tiff instead is my remedy for you.