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Hi all.

This is my 2nd logo attempt, first being Xenonsoft Studios Ltd - UK Web Design - Portfolio - PointClickPlay

It's for an Art and Ents non-profit magazine. My mate says it's quite hard to read and I can see where he's coming from. I was thinking of sending it to the client as a starting point and seeing whether he likes it and I'll tweak it or scrap it and follow other ideas.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

To be brutally honest, if you hadn't told me what is said, I wouldn't have been able to decipher it. Sorry.

The problem I thing lies more with the "N", the "M" is fine.....a bit of an optical illusion happens, and the line seems to "appear".

I do like the style and I like the font. It's just the N. Maybe if you modify it a little which makes it different to the A and the M?
I agree, the A and M both use exactly the same shape within them as the N, I understand that this is intentional but it just makes it VERY difficult to read. Back to the drawing board me thinks, sorry I couldn't have been more positive.
Cheers Helen. That's what my mate said. I was thinking about extending the line upwards a little, making it a little more obvious.

Also cheers Damon. I'll consider looking at extending it, if it doesn't make it readible then I'll have to scrap it.
I've got another two tweaks up, one with only the N extended higher and the A changed, and one with the M also extended higher.

Let me know your thoughts, I'm willing to scrap it to the drawing board but I quite like the concept.


The second is better but it ain't half hard on the eye to read.

I'll add more comments later when I'm not so busy.
The second one is much better.

I don't know whether this is just the b&w version, but maybe if you had "eno" in one colour or shade and the "magazine in another. It would perhaps break it up a bit.
Cheers for all the helpful comments all.

@ PI, I know what you mean, I'm hoping I can make it more easily readable, although I'm not sure how yet.
@ Helen, Yeah it's currently just black and white testing, preliminary ideas. Haven't put many hours into it yet so I can scrap it if that's the general consensus (and more importantly the clients view). I will definitely look at lesser shades of black or different colouring in later stages.
@ Andy, I do know what you mean regarding trying too hard. I'm quite new to this, and I'm trying to simplify where possible but don't really know where to start. If you could explain what you mean by 'strip it back', as in give an example if you have the time, that would be really helpful and appreciated.

Thanks all :icon_thumbup:
I think your on to something there Fred, but maybe just concentrate on the "N" and "M" working rather than using the shortened "N's" at either end as well, they are abit of a distraction to me,

but abit of work and I think you'll be there, its very 80's is that intentional?
Cheers for the comments Dot :icon_thumbup:

Unfortunately I can't claim the 80's look is intentional, although I wanted something a little sophisticated or classy to fit in with the Art & Entertainment genre.

There's still some tweaks to be made to it and then I'll look at bringing it to life. Yet to hear back from the client though, so we shall see!
Sorry I wasn't very clear. I like the effect you're going for I just think you've gone too many steps past where it might have worked best. If you take it back and differenciate the M and the N a bit you could tweak it until its still legible but gives the effect you're looking for. I think once you pull it off its gonna look really nice.
Cheers Andy, good feedback that. I'll certainly look at doing that, I'll wait for the client to get back to me first, and then see what I can do.
The client got back to me and he said he's looking for something more abstract, although may use the style on his personal photography page.

Back to the drawing board on this one.

If the logo is supposed to be two words maybe do one of the words reversed out. Maybe Eno in white with black stroke and Magazine in black. I think it would be clearer and stand out more. Also maybe use the half a font look on 2 or 3 letters rather than nearly all of them. I think that's what makes it unclear. To make it abstract maybe introduce an abstract background. Something relating to the content of the magazine but keep it simple so it doesn't fight with the typography.

Cheers Greg. The design above was just in black and white stage, so hadn't got to anything to touch it up yet, but now it's been scrapped so I've submitted a different, more artistic design, shown below. Comments welcome.

this logo looks better with the two words separated. Not too sure about the furry N though, maybe there should be some wider kerning or remove the fur from the O!...It looks more arty now though which I think is your intention.

Cheers Greg, sorry for the late reply.

The above logo, for some reason, really doesn't do it for me. I'm almost at the point where I honestly think it doesn't deserve to be considered a logo, I'm back at the drawing board again.

The client quite likes it, but I don't think they really know what they want. I've emailed them saying I can continue on with the above, try and sort it to their liking, or start from scratch. No reply as of yet, so thankfully I'm not in an urgent situation.

The main struggle I have with developing logo's currently isn't so much the typography, I think I can deal with that, it's the icon, if that's the right terminology. Not all brands need one, but many do, and I'm quite stumped at how to develop the idea, and then actually get it onto the computer.

Anyway, I'm sure it'll all come together, I'll just keep bashing that barn door down until the idea comes.