Enlarging for print?

Big McCann

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How do i make sure there is no loss of quality when enlarging a tonal sketch for a 800mm x 2000mm pop up banner?

I was thinking drawing the images a3 and scanning at a high dpi setting on my scanner? Although what do you all think?

Thanks again folks for replies on my other posts really big help!!!
You can get away with a lower resolution on a pop up banner; 150-200dpi at the finished size. If it's just an illustration that would be fine . However, if you are using text it might be best to add this in as a font or an outlined vector.

We print pop up banners all the time and mostly you wouldn't notice a lower resolution at the viewing distance :thumb:
Got away as low as 30 ppi for a banner, really depends on the content, if the raster image has no detail (water, fog, sky) etc. then you can go quite low, if it's a persons face, building or anything with a lot of detail you couldn't go that low. 150-200 is still quite high for banners, but then again different places different technologies different standards etc.

Anyway - if you're going to draw them as A3 and scan them - then scanning is best done by working to scan to your finished size without digitally manipulating it after the fact.

Width of a pull up banner is about 850mm and the height is about 2300mm

You'd need to scan your A3 which is 297mm to fit the width (as height will be irrelevant)

Scan it at 2.8 x the size you need (2.8x297=c.850mm)

And you need to scan at approximately 150 ppi max

Or put it this way - scan it at 2.8x150 ppi which gives you resolution target of 420

Scan your A3 at 420ppi

Which when scaled to banner size = 150 ppi finished size

If you want more detail or if it's line art scan it at a higher res - but 1200 would be overkill for a banner stand.