England v Algeria your score predictions..


I'm going to agree with Damon and say 2-0, but originally I thought 1-0. Hard to guestimate after last week :icon_mad:

I also put a bet on Germany to win the world cup - not because they won 4-0 but because they played brilliantly. I think the GDF competition can count me out seen as Spain lost :icon_Wall:

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Jesus christ what a poor performance, just once can't they shine to make the supporters happy.

They should be fined £100k each for each game they don't win, i'm sure that would wake them up!!


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Didn't see it but heard about it. Yes, once again our overpaid stars have failed to shine. Perhaps trying to deflate some egos would allow more room for the team to perform better. I'm not a big footy follower but it seems as though the England squad can't seem to really play together as a 'team'.