Emotions, Colour Visualisation, Diary FINAL MAJOR PROJECT **HELP**


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I am doing my Final Major Project at University and I need a little help please :)

I am a little stuck on my FMP at the moment.

My idea is based on my diary. In the past few years, I have through a rough and 'dark' time, so I've recorded my feelings
in entries in my diary. Blasting music through my headphones also helped me ease this emotional time because in a way,
I can also hear the lyrics better. During this time, I've also composed a few poems and lyrics to express my feelings.

I know I shouldn't think of the final outcome yet, but the final ideas can be (for example) an emotional music packaging for
myself or something like that.

My tutors suggested for me to try connect my poems and lyrics with these visualisations.

I have also tried doing some interesting photography to represent these poems/lyrics and feelings.

Now I am stuck on what else I can do. Is it possible for you to give me a few suggestions for:

a) What I could do next?
b) what I can improve on?
c) Any suggestions for interesting outcomes?
d) any other interesting ideas?

If anyone can help, I'll appreciate your help very much, thank you
Have you explored type treatments? Could you pick a few words that summarise how you felt during that time and illustrate them so they look like the feeling or emotion they represent? Like this;


You could even combine this with photography, creating physical lettering and altering it then shooting it. For example, the word "crushing" would be crumpled and stood on.