Email, call, to get work exp?

Hi everyone!

Im currently trying to get work experience for my 2nd year at university and I have been told many things about how to get in contact with designers.

I want to know from you guys what is the best way to communicate between myself and a company, should I write them a letter, maybe send them a little gift? Or just give them a call?

Let me know what you guys think and have worked for you in the past...

Thank you for your time :)
Hi Mattie,

First thing, never, NEVER just send an email or letter that says 'Dear Sir/Madam' - ring them up and find out the right person to contact. Calling may put you in touch directly with the person responsible for looking out for new staff or for handling placements. (I automatically bin anything that says 'Dear Sir...' particularly as my company name has a major clue in it...) Watch the number of letters I get now...!
If you really want to work there AND you're good enough, then sit on their doorstep in whatever way you can. Design a series of postcards to deliver to them daily/emails (to the right person)/write a song...whatever.
Designers don't bite and are often flattered by a bit of effort. Busy ones may not get back to you, but persistence will either get you the opportunity for a chat or will tell you where to go!

It also depends on who you're looking to work for. A groovy Hoxton-based design set up may well be impressed by a crate of beer or something cheeky that you have delivered, but it has to be appropriate to the company and well researched/thought through. Perhaps you send them a piece of work that is a clever take on one of their projects/brands?

It IS very tough, so make sure anything you send to people is presented in the best/most appropriate way possible.

Not sure if that helps, but hey :) Keep us posted.
Thanks very much for your help, well to start with I was going to send designers letters with a bit of my work just to show what I can do and I have found out all the names of people in charge of work placements. Its just my teacher keeps telling me they want something different (a gift).

I have just been struggling to think of things to give to them that shows my creativity, not expensive and not to brown nosing.

What do you think about the idea of me ringing up and asking what these guys drink and then going out buying a bottle of their drink and re do the label with a little note on it and asking them for a work placement?

Or the cheaper solution, i thought of creating a little naughts and crossing and starting it, send it along with a few bits of work and a letter and see if they send it back. I was thinking this way I would have communication with them and also a bit of fun.

Sorry to keep blabbing on but I am also struggling with the letter, people keep talking about a heading letter and its confusing me. Should I just write a straight forward letter saying why I like what they do and why i want to work for them. Or do I copy in a complete CV and so on...

Sorry for all the questions its just I know you guys are the pro's and have been through this!

Thank you