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Hi .. which software would be good for logo effects? Looking for a few options. What the professionals use if possible. TIA
Rob. C


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Thanks…would Ae also be required??
Not unless you are animating them. To be honest, your question rings alarm bells from the offset. The very question exposes a lack of understanding about what logo design is. Before launching into what meaningless, decorative effects you can apply to a logo, I’d suggest first learning what logo design is all about and the part it plays in the wider scope of brand design. Logos on their own are fairly pointless exercises. They just become adornment. No good to anyone. It is a trend spurned by crown-source websites and devalues the industry. As I say, logos are a relatively small part of branding and need to be understood as such and in context.


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I think from other posts rob is looking for a career change and pointers.

We were all beginners once.