Editable flyer templates for client


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Hi all

I was wondering if someone could advise me. My client would like me to design a flyer so that he can change the information on it depending on the event they are hosting. I work in Photoshop and he doesn't have the software. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Maybe get him to download and install Inkscape (free vector software) that I hear is pretty decent Inkscape. Draw Freely. - i don;t know much about it but being vecor it must pressumably open up eps files.

- as a side not, flyers in Photoshop???
Once had a client ask me to do this in Word for them....done as dusted and quite frankly glad I don't have to go through it again! :)
A couple of options:

• Create the flyer with a blank area and import it into Word as a background (Header or Footer). Let the client add the text in Word.
• Create a PDF from the artwork leaving blank areas for the text. Open in Acrobat and create a form type PDF with editable areas.

If it's not simple text, then they'd need some more sophisticated software like InDesign, Quark or even the open source ones.
One of my clients asked for something similar. They couldn't understand why they can update their website but not their print-based items, and I suppose they had a point.

There probably is another option that I'm not aware of, but I wouldn't recommend it as it'd put me out of a job :icon_biggrin:
Thanks guys - yea it would probably take a few jobs away from me me too! But this is not the first time I have had a client request this, they just want to the control to do things themselves I suppose - after the initial design is done ofcourse! :) aah well, may try the pdf route
It's just unfortunately the way things are going. I don't know if it has been rolled out yet but printing.com (*spit*) were supposed to be launching online designs ... literally pre-designed flyer templates that the user clicks into to add text / change font / add stock pics etc.

I know it takes work away but on a positive note we can then offer clients unique designs rather than the generic crap loads of people are using.

I suppose.