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Hello, I'm back with a new business venture for myself.
I currently run an online Vintage Clothing store via but looking to get my own Ecommerce shop and get rid of Etsy in 2013. I run it from home and do the occasional vintage fair around the UK.

I can do my own web design etc (I will probably be back for help during the process) but for the time being, does ANYONE know what I need to do to set up my own Ecommerce store online?

This is the checklist I have so far and not sure what else I need to look into, so if anyone has any advise that would be fab.

Domain - purchased
Host - purchased
Insurance - what types might I need?
Tax - registered
Payments - can I just take Paypal for now or do I have to have Credit Cards and how does that work?
Accounts - with only being started in August, I'm currently sorting this myself. Does anyone have any account advice on what to do/not to do?

There is probably a lot i'm missing out here and I'm planning on visiting the CAB to speak with them in the New Year, but any help from you guys also would be much appreciated!

Thanks x

Louis Cudworth

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Don’t know wether you have already begun your new eCommerce store but my best advice would be to use Shopify. Hands down the best system. If you need any help in the process let me know. Happy to help.