East Lothian Guide


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Hi there, basically i'm part of a young enterprise team at my school and we are making a guide to our local community. We are going to be selling this to the public, which is why i am asking for any pointers on how to improve the front cover and basic page structure for the book.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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It's not too bad actually, but I'd look at the placement of the price (and add a currency symbol before it). At the moment it's distracting, and the first thing I see.

I'd maybe make the 'explore, discover, enjoy' larger too (and maybe the title too), and I'd be tempted to remove the full stop after the 'Everything you need to know'. That's just my preference though :icon_smile:
Taking onboard your opinion and that of a graphic designer i know, my newest variation is this:
Please forgive the low resolution children as i still have to get a high-res from the photographer