Easiest way of simple celtic knots


Hi to all.

Please look at the knot below.


Such knots can often be seen in most celtic symbols. I always use illustrator to create any symbols but the problem is I can not place the lines on the top of another line. See the picture below, it shows what i have done (by using pen tool).

Youtube is full of tutorial videos of creating various celtic symbols. I have watched almost all of them. Most videos that explain a method are too complicatedlearn for a newbie illustrator like me.

I wanna know if someone can teach me a very easy "step-by-step" method. Thank u.


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Oh sorry, I forgot to thank the members and mods/staff(s) of this web forum for helping anyone troubleshooting their G. design-related problem. There are things I have learned from univ, video-hosting websites like youtube but any artist's questions can be asked and answered on on Q&A websites like "internet forums" and this site is probably the best one among almost all G.D forums I've ever found on google. Many thanks.


Dont know how I missed this. From Ireland so done the old celtic knot before.

Sorry i dont know how this one passed me by.

I've done some searches. even watched a few tutorial videos on Youtube but they teach "symmetrical and complicated celtic knots" while i just wanna make a simple knot like the one I posted in this thread.


Maybe someone can help me duplicate JUST A PARTA of a line that is drawn by pen of illustrator. Then i can place the "copied part" over the main knot and my problem will be almost solved.

Thanks to all responses. Whish all members a a happy Xmass and a new year filled with happiness and peace.


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Ok - sorry for the delay - stupid work making me do work things.

Take what you have and roughly draw a single path like this

Object>Path>Offset Path

The options that came up first look good to me

Select the inner path


Delete it

And there you have it



Ok - sorry for the delay - stupid work making me do work things
Oh plz, don't be sorry. I still appreciate your attention, your effort to help.

Well, my friends convinced me that in Adobe illustrator, there's no feature to "overlap" different parts of one layer, so the only option is to fake it (copying and placing lines on each other). But your method sounds better because it makes the layer fully customizable. I've never thought of using offset path to create celtic symbols. Thanks.