Dyslexic designers please help!

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Hi guys, this is a call to any dyslexic designers out there!

I am a student studying graphic design at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. I am currently doing my dissertation on how dyslexia affects designers because there is a lot of new research about a link between dyslexia and creativity. I would like to ask a few open questions to anyone who might be interested. If you could share any information I would be very much obliged!

I would like to find out about designers general or specific difficulties/experiences they have had through out their studying and working life.

I have created some open questions that could help you to get some thoughts going but please don't feel that you have to stick to them.

1. Do you feel that your dyslexia has had any part to play in the reasons why you chose to become a designer, instead of perhaps something less creative?
2. Do you think your dyslexia has hindered or benefited you through out your career?
3. Have you found ways of over compensating for any difficulties you may have experienced as a result of being dyslexic throughout your studying and working life?
4. Many successful people who have skills in creative industries (including art, design, music etc…) have spoke about how their dyslexia has given them a different perspective in their line of work that has benefited them. Would you agree that this comment is true with you?
5. What is your creative process when coming up with ideas for projects or when problem solving? i.e. Do you know exactly where you are going with your ideas or do you just do things and see where it takes you?

So I would really appreciate any reply that anyone could give me! I would treat any information as confidential if you wanted. Also if you were interested I could send you a copy when it’s finished?

Alternatively to replying on here you could send me an email at [email protected]

Thanks for your time!

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